Arab 43, Moody 19

Arab and Moody made history tonight as they competed for the first ever State Dual title in Alabama.  Arab prevailed, but only after a talented Moody squad gave them a run for their money.  Moody coach JT Gosnell knew they needed wins in critical areas to make up for the weight classes where Arab had a significant advantage.  Those wrestlers had to be "on notice" and needed to come through if Moody was going to pull the upset over a dominant Arab squad.  Moody was able to count on a few of those toss-up matches to go their way, but in the end weren't able to make up the difference.  Moody fell to Arab, 43-19.  The match was much closer than the final tally suggests, as the dual meet (and state title) weren't in the bag until Arab's defending State Champion Will Spencer was able to get the fall at 160 with just one match remaining in the dual.  Below is a breakdown of each match.  We begin the action at 182 lbs.

182: Dalton Satterfield (Arab) vs. Brady Price (Moody)

1st: Satterfield opened the scoring with a nice hi-crotch takedown and held Price down for much of the 1st period.  Price scored an escape with 2 seconds remaining to narrow the score to 2-1 at the end of the 1st.

2nd: Satterfield started on bottom and earned a quick escape making it 3-1.  Satterfield earned another takedown to widen his lead to 5-1 and Price was hit with a stalling call on bottom to finish the 2nd period down 6-1.

3rd: Satterfield again started on bottom and Price had two nice mat returns before Satterfield earned a reversal with a nice switch ... widening his lead to 8-1.  Satterfield let Price up with 20 seconds remaing (8-2) looking for bonus points, but wasn't able to secure a takedown and took the 1st match of the evening 8-2.

Arab 3, Moody 0

195: Ian Scott (Arab) vs. Zac Nold (Moody)

1st: Scott scored a qucik 2 point takedown and really took it to Nold from the beginning.  Nold scored and escape and Scott was up 2-1.  Scott scored another takedown and took Nold straight to his back for a 2 count ... pushing the lead to 6-1.  Scott was working a half as the 1st period expired.

2nd: Scott chose down and quickly scored a reversal to push his lead to 8-1.  He then locked up a cradle and it was all over.

Arab 9, Moody 0

220: Jack Tindall (Arab) vs. Christopher Tice (Moody)

1st: Tindall heads in as the heavy favorite and based on Tice's attempts ... he was going for the homerun with headlocks.  Tice countered the headlocks and earned the takedown, 2-0.  Tice hits a nice peterson and Tindall loses control as they go out of bounds, score is 2-1.  Tindall eanrs a nice double leg to finish the 1st period up 4-1.

2nd: Tindal gets the escape, 5-1 and Tice immediately goes for another headlock.  Tindall counters and takes Tice to his back for the fall.

Arab 15, Moody 0

285: Hunter Alexander (Arab) vs. Steven Porter (Moody)

1st: Porter earned a nice takedown to lead 2-0.  Alexander got the reversal and finished the period 2-2 and on top.

2nd: Alexander chose down and push for an escape and a 3-2 lead.  Porter threw a headlock and Alexander rolled him through, but Porter was able to adjust and end up on top and Alexander was done.  

Nice win for Moody ... they need that win to stay within striking distance.  Big win for Porter over one of the top ranked 285's in 1A-5A.

Arab 15, Moody 6

106: Joseph Martin (Arab) vs. Cory Land (Moody)

1st: Martin came out on fire ... looking to get Arab back on the right track.  Martin scored an early takedown and scored a nice tilt to take a 5-0 lead. Martin maintained control over Land through the 1st period and continued to roll.

2nd: Land vs. Martin start neutral and Martin scored the takedown to take a 7-0 lead to begin the 2nd.  Martin scored another tilt and 3 nearfall and finished 10-0 and on top.

3rd: Land takes top and Martin works for a reversal to start the 3rd ... now leads 12-0.  Both wrestlers were hit for stalling midway through the 3rd  and no other scoring happened.  Martin takes it 12-0. #bonuspoints

Arab 19, Moody 6

113: Dakota Collins (Arab) vs. Stephen Williams (Moody)

1st: Slow to start ... with Williams was in on a leg, but unable to finish.  Collins scored a nice takedown as time expires to take a ncie 2-0 lead heading into the 2nd period.

2nd: Williams chooses down and gets a switch to tie it up 2-2.  Williams rode legs and was on many occasions too high.  Collins was able to take advantage of one of the those "high" rides and get the reversal as time expired to lead 4-2 after 2.

3rd: Collins chooses down and again Williams tries to work "legs".  Williams abandons the leg attack and goes for a cradle, but Collins fights it off.  Williams almost scores a spladle, but it doesn't work and Collins comes out on top for a 6-2 lead.  Collins finishes with a nice half and a huge 9-2 win over Williams.

Arab gets a "toss-up" match to go their way and widens their lead.

Arab 22, Moody 6

120: Garrett McClendon (Arab) vs. Will Patterson (Moody)

1st: Nice drag takedown for Patterson to take a 2-0 lead.  McClendon gets a quick escape to narrow it 2-1.  McClendon shoots and once again Patterson gets the counter to get the takedown and lead 4-1 after the 1st period.

2nd: McClendon chooses bottom and Patterson looks for the cradle.  Patterson is riding legs and maintains good position until McClendon scores an escape with 30 seconds remaining in the period, 4-2.

3rd:  Patterson chooses down and it looks like this is going to come down to a takedown for the win.  Patterson escapes at 1:06 to lead 5-2.  McClendon gets in on a shot when Patterson funks it and gets McClendon in an awkward position to get the fall and put Moody back in the ball game.

Arab 22, Moody 12

126: Peyton Weber (Arab) vs. DeShawn Skinner (Moody)

Another toss-up match that Moody needs to narrow the gap with Arab.

1st: Wild scrambles between the two to begin the match ... both went to their back and neither wrestler scored points.  Scrambles galore continue to be the theme of the day at 126, but this time Weber comes out on top and leads 2-0.  Skinner seemed to be going for the homerun instead of getting the escape or reversal.  The period ends with Weber up 2-0.

2nd: Skinner chooses down.  Two reversal for Skinner when Weber tries to run a wing over the top without trapping the wrist.  Skinner throws in legs and is high ... allowing Weber to come out and get 2 nearfall at the end of the 2nd.  Weber leads 6-2.

3rd: Weber chooses neutral.  Weber scores the takedown and again looks for nearfall, but isn't in good position and gives up a reversal.  Skinner finishes on top trying to get nearfall ... Weber takes it 8-4.

A big win for Arab.

Arab 25, Moody 12

132: Seth Hyatt (Arab) vs. Michael Land (Moody)

#1 (Land) vs. #2 (Hyatt)

1st: Land and Hyatt spend the first minute feeling each other out with no one scoring.  Land secures the first takedown with 21 seconds left and Hyatt hits a nice granby with 2 seconds left to get the escape, 2-1 Land after the 1st.

2nd: Hyatt chooses down and gets the escape to notch the score 2-2.  Land gets the takedown with 1:01 left in the 2nd and goes straight into the cradle for 2 nearfall.  Land leads 6-2 after the 2nd.

3rd:  Land takes down and gets the escape with 1:36 remaining.  Nice single for Land at 1:07 gets him 2 more and he pushes his lead to 9-2.  Land follows that up with a 3 point nearfall (Cradle again) and pushes it to 12-2.  Hyatt gets the reversal to narrow it to 12-4, but Land finishes with an escape and takedown to take the match 15-4.

Big win for Moody #bonuspoints

Arab 25, Moody 16

138: Clay Jones (Arab) vs. Rashad Clark (Moody)

Another "toss-up" match that Moody needed to narrow the gap with Arab.

1st: Both wrestlers battle through neutral for the entire 1st period ... 0-0 to end the 1st.

2nd: Neutral.  Jones was hit for stalling and Clark was in on a shot, but can't finish in bounds.  Finally, Jones hits a nice shot and secures a takedown with 48 seconds left in the period.  Clark quickly gets the escape, 2-1.  Jones hit for a second stall call and we finish the 2nd period tied 2-2.

3rd: Jones chooses down and Clark has a few nice mat returns before Jones can get the escape with 1:02 left in the match, 3-2 Jones.  Jones in on the shot and gets a takedown with 42 seconds left to build his lead to 5-2.  Clark escapes to make it 5-3, but is unable to get a takedown as time expires.  Jones wins 5-3.

Opportunities to pull the upset begin to slip away from Moody.

Arab 28, Moody 16

145: Stephen Schmitt (Arab) vs. Dustin Davis (Moody)

NOTE: Anthony Camp, Arab's starter at 145, was out sick and unable to compete.

1st: Davis looked great on his feet and easily took Scmitt down to start the period ... he proceeded to control him through the 1st, but couldn't get a turn for nearfall.

2nd: Davis chose neutral and again scored a quick takedown to increase his lead to 4-0.  Once again, Davis easily controls Schmitt on top through the period.

3rd: Schmitt chooses down and gets a reversal to narrow the lead to 4-2 with a minute remaining.  Davis escapes and then gets a takedown to push his lead to 7-2.  Davis is hit with stalling again for riding the hips and the lead is 7-3.  That is where we finish with Moody trying to claw their way back into it.

Arab 28, Moody 19

152: Patrick Harden (Arab) vs. Daniel Vazquez (Moody)

1st: Harden scores a quick takedown in the 1st 25 seconds of the 1st period and then rides Vazquez for the rest of the time, 2-0 Harden.

2nd: Vazquez chooses down and gets the escape with 1:21 remaining in the period, 2-1 Harden.  Harden with another quick takedown to push his lead to 4-1.  Technical violation on Harden makes it 4-2 and Vazquez gets a reversal with 48 seconds remaining to notch the score at 4-4.  Harden gets an escape to end the period up 5-4.

3rd:  Harden chooses down and again gets a quick escape to go up 6-4.  Vazquez nearly gets a takedown, but can't finish and Harden comes out on top to stretch his lead to 8-4. Vazquez escapes to make it 8-5, but can't get the takedown and Harden takes the win.

Arab 31, Moody 19

160: Will Spencer (Arab) vs. Ladarrius Fitts (Moody)

Moody needs to falls to take this to criteria and Spencer is the defending 6A 170 lb. State Champion.

1st: Fitts surprises much of the crowd with a wild scramble takedown to take a 2-0 lead over Spencer.  But that wouldn't last.  Spencer calmed things down by earning an escape and then taking Fitts down and to his back for 3 nearfall, Spencer up 5-1.  Spencer was hit with an illegal hold (a full nelson I believe) to make it 5-2.  But Spencer turned it on and immediately took Fitts to his back for the fall.

Arab puts it out of reach and claims their first dual state title.

Arab 37, Moody 19

170: Michael Weaver (Arab) vs. Joey Pierson (Moody)

With the title in the bag, Weaver and Pierson were afforded the opportunity to just wrestle and not worry about winning or pinning.

1st: Weaver scored a quick takedown and followed that up with 3 nearfall to extend his lead to 5-0 to end the 1st.

2nd: Started neutral.  Weaver with another quick takedown and right into the cradle to get the fall and put an exclamation point on the Arab victory.  Moody came to wrestle, but Arab proved too much.

Arab 43, Moody 19