January 28, 2017

NOTE: Includes all matches through January 24th; complete recognition that matches have happened over the last 4 days, but in order to be consistent I need to set a date and go from that date when considering rankings (for example, Moody 285 Porter pinned 4th ranked Hunter Alexander last night in the state dual finals ... that is not reflected here).  Apologies to 1A-5A for the delay.

Assumptions and Limitations ... we assume the results reported to us or into trackwrestling are accurate.  Obviously, there are teams and individuals that compete and we do not have their information ... this is a significant limitation to the rankings and should be considered. Just an note: wrestlers that compete against "higher level" competition get "weighted" more than those that do not.  Meaning - a wrestler goes unbeaten at 13-0, but has only wrestled the same 6 wrestlers in a small area of the state will get less consideration than a wrestler that is 8-5, but has 5 losses in top tournaments across the state or Southeast. Please remember that these are one person's opinion regarding the order of wrestlers at each weight class ...  

Also note that several placers and qualifiers from last year are missing from the rankings ... if a wrestler has not wrestled yet in 2016-2017, they have been left off the rankings. 

Alabama Team Ranking Metholdogy

Alabama Class 1A-5A Rankings

Traditional Team top 8

Summary: Arab has separated themselves from the field and should feel very confident heading into the traditional part of the post-season.  The race for the #2 spot is up for grabs.  Moody showed their strength as a team in taking second in the duals and they, Tallassee, Weaver, and Alexandria are all neck-and-neck in a race for the #2 spot.  Leeds has 5 ranked wrestlers and is #6 in our latest ranking with Holtville and Cleburne County rounding out the top 8.  Madison County, Jemison, and Dora are just a few points behind the top 8 and if any of those team can add a ranked wrestlers into the mix, they have the opportunity to take one of those spots.

NOTE: These are the Traditional Team Rankings ... not Dual Rankings.  There is a significant difference between the two.  I have not constructed a methodologically sound way to calculate a dual ranking.  Much depends on match-ups, forfeits, and other factors.  A good example is in 1A-5A where Arab with 12 wrestlers ranked in the top 8 would almost certainly be on top of the dual rankings as well, but a team like Scottsboro with just 3 ranked wrestlers might not be in the top 8.  Moody, Jemison, and Ohatchee (our current honorable mention teams in 1A-5A traditional) have more ranked wrestlers than Scottsoboro ... meaning they might be ranked higher in that format.







Apologies Zac.  Your fans let me know through twitter that you are currently a 5x Champ.  Guess I didn't go back in time far enough to count them all.  


A brutal weight class right now.  Will anyone jump back to 152 or down to 138?