#2 Southside Gadsden vs. #3 Oxford

138: Colin Edwards (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Carson Lindsey (Oxford)

1st: Edwards in on a takedown early, but can't finish.  Lindsey hits a drag with 40 seconds remaining to go up 2-0.  Edwards gets a reversal with 3 seconds left to tie it up 2-2.

2nd: Edwards chooses down and attempts several switches, but didn't score.  Lindsey riding high at 53 seconds and Edwards hits a Peterson for 2 and gets 2 nearfall for a 6-2 lead.  Lindsey gets an escape with 14 seconds left to narrow it to 6-3 and Edwards gets a takedown as time expires to push the lead to 8-3.

3rd:Lindsey chooses neutral.  Edwards gets a takedown and takes Lindsey straight to his back for 2 nearfall ... Edwards leads 12-3.  Edwards gets a wing and a wrist and turns Lindsey for 3 nearfall and earns the win 15-3.

Southside 4, Oxford 0

145: Sam Colvin (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Kendrick Young (Oxford)

1st: Quick lateral for Colvin for the takedown and 2 nearfall.  Gets another 2 nearfall and 3 nearfall to push the lead to 9-0.  Colvin locks up a cradle and gets the fall with 39 seconds left in the 1st.



Southside 10, Oxford 0

152: Justuce Venn (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Gryce McDaniel (Oxford)

1st: McDaniel with the takedown at 11:13 to lead 2-0.  McDaniel works a power half from top but cannot get the turn and leads 2-0 after the 1st.

2nd: Venn chooses top and McDaniel is slow to work up and is hit with stalling.  Venn gets a nearside cradle but can't get the turn.  We finish Venn on top and McDaniel hit for stalling again, McDaniel is up 2-1.

3rd: McDaniel takes neutral.  Venn wanred for stalling.  Venn gets a takedown with 30 seconds left and takes a 3-2 lead.  McDaniel gets a reversal with 8 seconds left for the win, 4-3.

Southside 10, Oxford 3

160: Landon Thompson (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Andrew Boyles (Oxford)

1st: Nice drag for Thompson to start, but can't get the takedown.  Thompson is very aggressive and Boyles is hit for stalling.  Thompson gets the takedown with 53 seconds left and scores two two-point nearfall tiltls to finish the period 6-0.

2nd: Boyles take neutral and Thompson hits a nice double to go up 8-0.  Thompson works a crossface cradle and gets the fall to push the Southside lead to 16-3.


Southside 16, Oxford 3

170: Jacob Hollingsworth (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Matt King (Oxford)

1st: Quick takedown for King at 1:38, followed by nearfall and then the fall with 56 seconds remaining to cut into the Southside lead.



Southside 16, Oxford 9

182: Ethan Stevenson (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Johon Peavey (Oxford)

1st: Quick takedown for Peavey and gives the escape to make it 2-1.  Stall call on Stevenson and Peavey gets another takedown to push it to 5-1 - illegal call on Stevenson was the other point.

2nd: Stevenson takes down and Peavey gives the escape again, 5-2.  Obviously the tactic is to put up points in order to get bonus points. Stalling on Stevenson makes it 6-2. Double leg for Peavey pushes it to 8-2 and gives another escape, 8-3.  Peavey is beginning to slow and Stevenson scores a takedown to cut it to 8-5.  Penalty point, and a wild flurry of points pushes it to 13-6 for Peavey as we finish the period.

3rd: Peavey takes down and is laboring.  He earns the escape to push it to 14-6.  Peavey gets another takedown, gives up the escape, is hit for stalling and scores another takedown to make it 18-8 in the end.

Southside 16, Oxford 13

195: Austin Daugherty (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Joshua Thomas (Oxford)

1st: Drag takedown for Thomas to take a 2-0 lead; quick escape for 2-1 lead for Thomas.  Another takedown for Thomas and escape to finish the 1st period ... 4-2 lead for Thomas.

2nd: Daugherty chooses down and Thomas gives the escape, 4-3 Thomas lead.  Daugherty shoots Thomas scores, given escape, Daugherty shoots again and Thomas scores again to end the 2nd period up 8-4.

3rd: Thomas chooses neutral.  The two battle back and forth for the entire period and no one scores.  Thomas takes it 8-4.

Southside 16, Oxford 16

220: Tyler Farris (Southside, Gadsden) vs. William Muncher (Oxford)

1st: Farris goes for the throw but ends up on his back ... takedown and 3-point nearfall as they go out of bounds.  Muncher leads 5-0.  Muncher works for the fall again and this time it is done.  Muncher takes it and pushes Oxford into the lead.



Oxford 22, Southside 16

285: Taylor Chappell (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Clay Webb (Oxford)

1st:  Chappell is well over-matched here as he gets #2 ranked Clay Webb.  Webb gets the takedown and fall in 17 seconds ... pushing the Oxford lead to 12.



Oxford 28, Southside 16

106: Andrew Smith (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Chase Hicks (Oxford)

1st: Smith gets a quick takedown, Hicks is warned for stalling on bottom and Smith grinds him on top.  2-0 after the 1st.

2nd: Hicks takes top and Smith gets the escape and then a quick takedown to push the lead to 5-0.  Smith gives the escape and is going to try to get bonus points by the takedown and release method.  Smith gets another takedown, gives an escape and finishes the round with another takedown to lead 9-2 after 2.

3rd: Smith takes down and Hicks rides him hard until he get high and gives up the reversal with 20 seconds remaining.  11-2 win for Smith.

Oxford 28, Southside 20

113: Jacob Dease (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Landon Burrage (Oxford)

1st: Big match that Southside needs to get back in it.  Burrage gets a takedown and 2 point nearfall at the end of the 1st to lead 4-0.

2nd: Dease takes down and gives up 3 nearfall before earning the escape ... 7-1 Burrage.  Takedown for Dease and gives the escape and we finish on our feet with Burrage leading 8-3.

3rd: Burrage takes top, locked hands and we have a wild flurry but no points and Burrage puts Oxford on the brink of the title.

Oxford 31, Southside 20

120: Dathan Finley (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Jakob Chisholm (Oxford)

1st: Chisholm gets a quick takedown and Finley finally gets the escape with 15 seconds remaining to finish 2-1 after 1.

2nd: Burrage gets the takedown and rides it out, 4-1 and Oxford is 2 minutes from the title.

3rd: Finley takes down and Chisholm gets hit with an illegal hold, but it isn't enough.  Chisholm wins 4-2 and the team takes the 6A title.

Oxford 34, Southside 20

126: Jacob Smith (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Wesley Slick (Oxford)

1st: #1 120 vs. #1 126 on display.  A bit anticlimactic after Oxford has sealed the win, but this match should be a good one.  Smith gets two takedowns and a 3-point nearfall to lead 7-1 after 1.

2nd: Smith takes down and gets a reversal and a 2-point nearfall to lead 11-1.  Slick gets the reversal and Smith has an escape at the end of the 2nd.  We are 12-3 with Smith cruising.

3rd: Smith begins the 3rd with 2 more nearfall, Slick gets the reversal, stalling on Smith and an escape for Smith to finish it up 15-5.  Dominating performance by Jacob Smith.

Oxford 34, Southside 24

132: Dakota Roddick (Southside, Gadsden) vs. Jackson Hurst (Oxford)

1st: Finally match of the dual.  Roddick gets a quick takedown followed by a Hurst escape at 1:15, it is 2-1.  Hurst with a takedown and 3 nearfall to push it to 6-2.  Roddick gets a peterson for the reversal and we end the period 6-4.

2nd: Hurst takes top and gets the fall to put an exclamation on it for Oxford.


Oxford 40, Southside 24