#1 Vestavia vs. #3 Oak Mountain

On paper, Vestavia is not a good dual match-up for Oak Mountain.  Can the Eagles find a way to knock off #1 Vestavia?  Here is how it went down ...

113: Crett Jones (Vestavia) vs. Cole Thomas (Oak Mountain)

1st: Thomas got two takedowns and few mat returns and gave up an escape in the first to hold a 4-1 lead going into the 2nd.

2nd: Thomas took down and escaped with 1:28 remaining (5-1) and scored a takedown at 1:17 for a 7-1 lead.  Curious that he decided to ride and try to score nearfall for the rest of the period.  He did not get any additional points and led 7-1 heading into the 3rd.

3rd: Jones took down and escaped pushing it to 7-2 ... Thomas worked for the takedown for the remainder of the period, but couldn't get one and Oak Mountain failed to get bonus points.  Nice 7-2 decision for Thomas, but bonus points had to be in the cards if they were going to push the Rebels.

Oak Mountain 3, Vestavia 0

120: Alex Thomas (Vestavia) vs. Forfeit

1st: The defending 7A 106 lb. State Champ has to present first and we begin playing the match-up game.  Oak Mountain decides to forfeit and take their chances at 126.



Vestavia 6, Oak Mountain 3

126: Nate Nailen (Vestavia) vs. Cole Burrough (Oak Mountain)

1st: Nailen gets a takedown and 3 point nearfall to take a nice 5-0 lead into the 2nd.

2nd: Neutral to start period 2.  Nailen with the takedown at 1:48 left in the period and secures the fall to push Vestavia up by 9 in the dual.


Vestavia 12, Oak Mountain 3

132: Murphy McCallum (Vestavia) vs. Blake Randle (Oak Mountain)

1st: McCallum and Randle battle back and forth with Randle finally able to secure the takedown with 35 seconds left in the period, 2-0 after 1.

2nd: We begin neutral and McCallum gets the takedown with Randle getting a reversal and backpoints to lead 7-2 after 2.

3rd: We begin neutral once again and Randle gets the takedown and 2 nearfall to win with bonus points, 11-3.

Vestavia 12, Oak Mountain 7

138: Peter Dazzio (Vestavia) vs. Carson Lester (Oak Mountain)

1st: A ton of action, but not many points scored.  Both had opportunities in the first period, but we finished 0-0 after 1.

2nd: Dazzio takes down and after several nice mat returns by Lester, Dazzio finally gets the escape to lead 1-0 after 2.

3rd: Lester chooses down and Dazzio maintains control the entire time.  Lester looked exhausted after the match and Dazzio was pumped to pull the upset, 1-0.

Vestavia 15, Oak Mountain 7

145: Jack Stoves (Vestavia) vs. Brett Cruce (Oak Mountain)

1st: Stoves gets the takedown at about the minute mark of the 1st period and maintains control the rest of the time to lead 2-0 after 1.

2nd: Cruce takes down and Stoves does a good job on top.  Hit with a stall warning but able to get a 3 point tilt at the end of the period to finish the 2nd up 5-0.

3rd: Stoves takes down and reverses Cruce with 1:25 left, 7-0.  Illegal move or hold (not sure of the call) makes it 7-1 before Cruce earns an escape to cut the lead to 7-2.  Stoves with a nice ankle pick for the takedown, 9-2, Cruce escape, 9-3 and Stoves pushes for bonus points and gets the takedown with 3 seconds remaining to get the 11-3 win.

Vestavia 19, Oak Mountain 7

152: Spencer Haddock (Vestavia) vs. Mingyu Lee (Oak Mountain)

1st: Good battle to start with both Haddock and Lee close to getting takedowns.  We finish the 1st 0-0.

2nd: Haddock takes down and gets the escape and a single leg takedown to go up 3-0.  He hits Lee with a nice 3 point tilt to finish the 2nd and up the lead to 6-0.

3rd: Lee takes neutral and Haddock is hit with stalling again for a 6-1 lead.  Haddock turns it on and gets the takedown and gives the escape looking for bonus points.  Haddock hits a headlock at the end of the 3rd to finish 13-2 and add another point to team total.

Vestavia 23, Oak Mountain 7

160: Bowman Hill (Vestavia) vs. Barrett Blakely (Oak Mountain)

1st: #1 (Blakely) vs. #2 (Hill) headlines the dual (on an individual match-up level).  Blakely is on his game early and works for a takedown.  Hill manages to stay up, but eventually gives up the takedown with 5 seconds left in the period, Blakely up 2-0.

2nd: Blakely take down and gets the escape 3-0.  A beautiful knee tap straight to Hill's back pushes the lead to 8-0 (TD and 3  NF), Hill gets the escape with 12 seconds left but that 5 point move was huge.

3rd: Hill takes down and is given the escape, 8-2.  Hill in on a great shot, but Blakely counters extremely well and ends up on top, 10-2.  Hill again escapes and works an arm drag but can't finish.  Hill was close on many shots, but unable to get the takedown and Blakely takes it 10-3.

Vestavia 23, Oak Mountain 10

170: Zachary Nelson (Vestavia) vs. Justin Evans (Oak Mountain)

1st: Double leg takedown for Evans starts us off, 2-0 Evans.  Nelson gets the escape and then scores a nice takedown to take the lead 3-2.  He gets a 3 point nearfall to lead 6-2 before locking up a crossface cradle with 31 seconds left to end the period up 9-2.

2nd: Evans takes down and Nelson eventually gets the fall to push the Rebel lead to 19.


Vestavia 29, Oak Mountain 10

182: Rob Barrentine (Vestavia) vs. Chris Gaines (Oak Mountain)

1st: Nice h-crotch takedown for Barrentine starts us off at 182.  Lovked hands and a 2 point nearfall puts us at 4-1 at the end of the 1st.

2nd: Gaines takes down and Barrentine works the half for the fall and the Rebels are in full control moving into their strength at 220 and 285.


Vestavia 35, Oak Mountain 10

195: Will White (Vestavia) vs. Jordan Davis (Oak Mountain)

1st: Davis gets the takedown 30 seconds in and rides out White for the rest of the period, 2-0 Oak Mountain lead.

2nd: Davis scores early to push it to 4-0 before White gets an escape and Davis gets another takedown to put it 6-1 after 2.

3rd: White takes down and is given the escape ... Davis is looking for bonus points.  Davis works for a takedown all period, but only gets one at the end for an 8-2 win.  No bonus points for the Eagles.

Vestavia 35, Oak Mountain 13

220: James Edwards (Vestavia) vs. Carter Owens (Oak Mountain)

1st: Tough match-up for the Eagles here and at 285.  Edwards is the defending 220 lb. State Champion and is unbeaten on the season.  He gets a quick takedown and the fall just 27 seconds in and pushes the Rebel lead to 41-13.



Vestavia 41, Oak Mountain 13

285: Jacob Edwards (Vestavia) vs. Forfeit

1st: Edwards is the top ranked 285 in 7A and Oak Mountain cannot match-up, forfeit and the Rebels are pouring it on going into the final match.



Vestavia 47, Oak Mountain 13

106: Bryant Segars (Vestavia) vs. Sullivan Tipton (Oak Mountain)

1st: Two of the top 6 106's in 7A here in our final match.  Tipton pushes the pace and after several attempts is able to get the takedown with 1:02 remaining.  Wild flurry of points with locked hands and both wrestlers with takedowns and backpoints and we finish the period 7-6 Tipton.  Both had an opportunity for fall, but neither could make it happen and we continue on.

2nd: Tipton takes neutral and hits a nice double leg for a 9-6 lead.  Tipton is hit for stalling on top, but we end the period 9-6.

3rd: Segars takes down and Tipton secures 3 nearfall and gets the fall for the Eagles.

Vestavia 47, Oak Mountain 19