January 8, 2017

Assumptions and Limitations ... we assume the results reported to us or into trackwrestling are accurate.  Obviously, there are teams and individuals that compete and we do not have their information ... this is a significant limitation to the rankings and should be considered. Just an note: wrestlers that compete against "higher level" competition get "weighted" more than those that do not.  Meaning - a wrestler goes unbeaten at 13-0, but has only wrestled the same 6 wrestlers in a small area of the state will get less consideration than a wrestler that is 8-5, but has 5 losses in top tournaments across the state or Southeast. Please remember that these are one person's opinion regarding the order of wrestlers at each weight class ...  

Also note that several placers and qualifiers from last year are missing from the rankings ... if a wrestler has not wrestled yet in 2016-2017, they have been left off the rankings.  

Team Ranking Methodology

Alabama Class 7A Rankings

Traditional Team top 8

  1. Vestavia 126
  2. Thompson 81
  3. Hewitt-Trussville 78
  4. Huntsville 68
  5. Hoover 67
  6. Oak Mountain 66
  7. Central-Phenix City 65
  8. Auburn 40
  • HM: Bob Jones
  • HM: Grissom
  • HM: Spain Park
  • HM: Smiths Station

Summary: Vestavia maintains their lead over the rest of the field.  With 3 #1's (Stoves, Edwards, and Edwards) and Bowman Hill ranked #2 at 160, the Rebels are solid.  But it is the 7 other wrestlers ranked between 3 and 6 that separates Vestavia from the rest of the field.  Thompson jumps into the #2 spot after a solid outing at the KC Stampede.  The Warriors are led by hammers Sam Latona (#1 at 106) and Gabe Hixenbaugh (#1 at 126).  Chandler Akins (#2 at 113) and Jacob Megois (#2 at 138) help Thompson lead the pack chasing Vestavia, but if they are going to close the distance they need Oliver, Whitlock, and others to step up and score points.  Hewitt-Trussville comes in at #3 with two #1's as well (Stone Barden at 120 and Heath Williamson at 132).  Add in Conner Smith (#2 at 145), Braedon Keith, Simon Miskelley, and Brandon Treglown and you have a squad that could make some noise.  Huntsville, Hoover, Oak Mountain, and Central-Phenix City are just behind Hewitt-Trussville and Auburn rounds out the top 8.  Bob Jones, Grissom, Spain Park, and Smiths Station are all within shouting distance of the #8 spot and will look to move up over the next few weeks.

NOTE: These are the Traditional Team Rankings ... not Dual Rankings.  There is a significant difference between the two.  I have not constructed a methodologically sound way to calculate a dual ranking.  Much depends on match-ups, forfeits, and other factors.  A good example is in 1A-5A where Arab with 12 wrestlers ranked in the top 8 would almost certainly be on top of the dual rankings as well, but a team like Scottsboro with just 3 ranked wrestlers might not be in the top 8.  Moody, Jemison, and Ohatchee (our current honorable mention teams in 1A-5A traditional) have more ranked wrestlers than Scottsoboro ... meaning they might be ranked higher in that format.


  1. Sam Latona (Thompson)
  2. Studd Morris (Central-Phenix City)
  3. Jack Rivers (Spain Park)
  4. Bryant Segars (Vestavia)
  5. Zaevian Toney (Bob Jones)
  6. Nick Smith (Hoover)
  • HM: John Pankey (Mountain Brook)
  • HM: Levi Fouts (Smiths Station)
  • HM: James Hughes (Grissom)

Summary: Latona is easily #1 here.  He has not only beaten the top Alabama 106's ... he has beaten Logan Ashton of Buford at the KC Stampede as well as going unbeaten at the Clash in Minnesota.  Both Morris and Rivers have wrestled up at 113 over the last two weeks and it unclear if they feel their best shot at the top step is at 113 or 106.  We have kept them in the 106 rankings, but don't be surprised if either goes up at the end of the season.  Rivers has lost to both Cole Thomas and Chandler Akins at 113 recently ... so that move might not happen.  Morris hasn't lost at 113 since falling to Kobe Frazier 7-3 back in mid-December.  Segars recently dropped from 113 and should be a contender ... don't believe there is much of an option for him to move up given that Alex Thomas will likely move down as we near the end of the season.  Toney and Smith round out the top 6.  


  1. Kobe Frazier (Jeff Davis)
  2. Chandler Akins (Thompson)
  3. Tyler Ivey (Grissom)
  4. Cole Thomas (Oak Mountain)
  5. Zaderian Toney (Bob Jones)
  6. Agustin Gonzalez (Tuscaloosa County)
  • HM: Riley Huff (Hoover) 
  • HM: Kedrick Hamilton (RE Lee)
  • HM: Cordell Ellison (Sparkman)

Summary: Frazier, who is unbeaten on the season, Akins, and Ivey headline the 113 lb. group.  Don't get caught up in the order ... none has wrestled the other and it is possible that Akins is #1 (or Ivey is #1).  We won't really know until they meet.  Akins has been the most impressive of the three given the level of competition he has faced.  His only Alabama loss came to Hewitt's Stone Barden at 120 (a 5-2 decision) ... other than that he has 7 losses to some very talented wrestlers from across the nation (including nationally ranked Ryan Chauvin of Lake Highland Prep and Minnesota State Champion Jeron Matson of Kenyon-Wanamingo).  Frazier has far less quality of competition, but he has been absolutely dominant over the people he has faced thus far.  Ivey has just one loss on his record, a 5-2 decision to Tennessee State Champ Brayden Palmer of Beech.  Ivey also has some good wins, but like Frazier, hasn't faced the same quality that Akins has this season.  Cole Thomas of Oak Mountain checks in at #4 with Zaderian Toney of Bob Jones #5 and Agustin Gonzalez of Tuscaloosa County #6.  Riley Huff of Hoover could make an argument for being as high as #4 given his recent performance at Heart of Dixie.  He has yet to face Thomas, Toney or Gonzalez ... so keep an eye on him.


  1. Stone Barden (Hewitt-Trussville)
  2. Samuel Jaggears (Gadsden City)
  3. Alex Thomas (Vestavia)
  4. Mark Hurt (Central-Phenix City)
  5. Emmanuel Oliver (Thompson)
  6. Joseph Shaw (Tuscaloosa County)
  • HM: Alex Mason (Hoover)
  • HM: Matthew Foshee (Auburn)
  • HM: Laperio Wheat (RE Lee)

Summary: Hewitt's Stone Barden assumes the top spot after a very solid two weeks.  Alex Thomas, the defending 106 lb. 7A State Champion, falls to #3 - not because of poor performance, but because of lack of mat time.  He has not competed since injury defaulting out of the Border Wars in Florida in early December.  Losing him would certainly hurt Vestavia's chances of repeating.  Jaggears comes in at #2, but recently lost (by fall) to Barden) ... so the #2 spot might be open in the future.  Phenix City Central's Mark Hurt wrestled well at Heart of Dixie, beating Hoover's Mason and Vestavia's Merrill, but losing to Hewitt's Gibb, Cleveland's ByrcePond, etc.  Hewitt is absolutely stacked at 120 and Cale Land or Keelan Gibb would find themselves in the top 6 if they could beat out Barden.  Oliver doesn't sport the best record of any 120 (25-14), but he has wrestled some excellent competition.  Expect that to pay dividends later this year.  Shaw, Mason, Foshee, and Wheat are all in the hunt for the 6th and final spot in the rankings.


  1. Gabe Hixenbaugh (Thompson)
  2. Maxwell Kauffman (Central-Phenix City)
  3. Tyler Wilson (Smiths Station)
  4. Caleb Hodges (Tuscaloosa County)
  5. Nathaniel Nailen (Vestavia)
  6. Braden Treglown (Hewitt-Trussville)
  • HM: Gage Camp (Hoover)
  • HM: Jordan Whalen (Bob Jones)
  • HM: Gaven Pudlik (Spain Park)

Summary: Defending 7A 113 lb. State Champion Gabe Hixenbaugh of Thompson is easily our #1 at 126.  Hixenbaugh has beaten a who's who of talented wrestlers including 7A 120 lb. State Runner-up Heath Williamson of Hewitt, Georgia State Champion Tucker Flint of Commerce, and Florida State Runner-up Michael DeAugustino to name just a few.  Both of his losses came at the KC Stampede in mid-December and he has rarely been challenged in Alabama.  The same could be said for Central-Phenix City's Maxwell Kauffman.  Kauffman, the state runner-up to Hixenbaugh last season, is an impressive 36-0 on the season with outstanding wins over #3 Tyler Wilson, #5 Nathaniel Nailen, as well as Ben Preal of Luella and Brantley Robinson of Troup (both out of GA).  Kauffman hasn't wrestled near the quality that Hixenbaugh has and it will be interesting to see if these two meet later this season (or if one of the two drops to 120).  Both Wilson and Hodges have impressive records, but neither is on the same level as Hixenbaugh and Kauffman ... the gap between #2 and the rest is significant.  Vestavia's Nailen recently dropped to 126 and assumes the #5 spot after taking 2nd at Heart of Dixie ... a close early-season decision win over Treglown is the only thing keeping Treglown from being #5.  Treglown's 8-4 decision over Camp in mid-December pushes Camp to the honorable mention spot with unbeaten Jordan Whalen of Bob Jones and Spain Park's Gaven Pudlik.


  1. Heath Williamson (Hewitt-Trussville)
  2. Blake Randle (Oak Mountain)
  3. Jawaun Doughty (Huntsville)
  4. Daishun Mitchell (Bob Jones)
  5. Gary Baltz (Mountain Brook)
  6. Murphy McCallum (Vestavia)
  • HM: Spencer Davis (James Clemens)
  • HM: Johnnie Swinnie (Central-Phenix City)
  • HM: Marcus Boler (Auburn)

Summary: An extremely difficult weight class to rank.  Williamson is still #1 after beating McCallum at Heart of Dixie and finishing second to Colton Landers of Cleveland (TN).  Randle sits at 21-4, but 3 of his 4 losses have come to #hammers out of state (and his one in-state loss was to Hixenbaugh).  Doughty is unbeaten, but his best wins have come against Nailen, Spencer Davis, Baltz, etc.  We have yet to see him take on a #hammer in Alabama or from a neighboring state.  Mitchell drops down from 138 and should be considered a threat for the top spot as well. Baltz comes in at #5 after downing McCallum 6-4 in mid-December. McCallum has wrestled extremely well and has just two losses to Alabama foes ... Baltz and to Williamson in overtime.  Davis, Swinnie, and Boler all lurk just outside the top 6. 


  1. Patterson Huff (Hoover)
  2. Jacob Megois (Thompson)
  3. Carson Lester (Oak Mountain)
  4. Peter Dazzio (Vestavia)
  5. Dillon Lutrell (Smiths Station)
  6. Frank Brown (Mountain Brook)
  • HM: Reagan Land (Hewitt-Trussville)
  • HM: Cole Stewart (Auburn)
  • HM: Chris Villarreal (Huntsville)

Summary: Huff headlines the 138 lb. weight class, but Megois, Lester, Dazzio, Luttrell, and Brown are all chasing.  Huff is 27-4 on the season with each of the four losses coming to high-quality competition outside the state (Florida State Champion and 2x State Runner-up Franco Valdes of Southwest Miami, North Carolina State Champion Phil Daub of Enka, and Georgia State Champion Raydan Wilder to name three).  Megois just moved down from 145 and has faced some of the best competition from around the US.  His 6-2 win over Lester of Oak Mountain shows he is ready to take the 145 lb. title.  Lester has lost to both Huff and Megois, but is right there to take the top spot himself ... this should be a very good weight class as near the end of the season.  Vestavia's Peter Dazzio has wrestled much of the season at 152 and is now down and ready to compete at 138 ... his only two losses at weight are to Huff and Bremen's (GA) Koby Cook.  Luttrell and Brown round out a very competitive 138 lb. weight class.


  1. Jack Stoves (Vestavia)
  2. Conner Smith (Hewitt-Trussville)
  3. Jonathan Hardy (Grissom)
  4. Brett Cruce (Oak Mountain)
  5. Kristian Scott (Central-Phenix City)
  6. Corwin Russell (Hoover)
  • HM: Robert Friedenreich (Auburn)
  • HM: Cole Williams (Huntsville)
  • HM: Derek Hussey (Thompson)

Summary: Vestavia's Jack Stoves avenged an earlier loss to Conner Smith in the finals of the Heart of Dixie and assumes the top spot at 145.  Stoves and Smith look to be neck-and-neck for the top spot here.  Smith's only losses on the season are to Stoves and 2x Georgia State Champion Justin Ruffin of Union Grove (one of the top 3 145's in the Southeast).  Grissom's Jonathan Handy comes in at #3 with an impressive 23-1 record, but it is hard to know if he is on the same level as Stoves and Smith.  Handy hasn't faced either of them (or anyone else in the top 6) and it doesn't appear he has wrestled any hammers from Tennessee either.  Time will tell if he can knock either of the top two off.  Oak Mountain's Cruce has competed since the US Army Indian Classic in early December and only has one common opponent with Hardy (Coty Carlock of Northwest Whitfield).  Carlock beat Cruce, but lost to Hardy.  The #4 rank could belong to Central's Kristian Scott.  Scott 32-7 on the season with 2 losses coming to Stoves (7-2) and Smith (10-9).  Keep an eye on Scott, Russell, and the others ... they could climb.


  1. Robert Morales (Central-Phenix City)
  2. Houston Curtis (Huntsville)
  3. Dylan Pearson (Auburn)
  4. Cole Holmes (Mountain Brook)
  5. Spencer Haddock (Vestavia)
  6. Cameron Harbin (Sparkman)
  • HM: Perez Pickett (Prattville)
  • HM: Mingyu Lee (Oak Mountain)
  • HM: Kaleb Fontenot (Smiths Station)
  • HM: Harrison Shelton (Hewitt)

Summary: Defending 152 lb. 7A State Champion Robert Morales of Central-Phenix City assumes the top spot.  Morales, 29-0, was absolutely superb in taking the Heart of Dixie crown ... pinning each of his opponents. Curtis, who is 24-1 on the season, has yet to face Morales, Pearson, or Holmes but has a nice win by fall over #5 Spencer Haddock and a decision win over Cameron Harbin at the Rocket City Invitational.  Pearson is 21-1 and has yet to lose to an Alabama wrestler ... but he also hasn't faced any of the top 6.  Holmes, Haddock, and Harbin round out the top 6.  Keep an eye on Pickett, Lee, Fontenot, and Shelton.  This is a deep weight class and any of the names mentioned could be wrestling for a title in Huntsville in February.


  1. Barrett Blakely (Oak Mountain)
  2. Bowman Hill (Vestavia)
  3. Charlie Freidenreich (Auburn)
  4. Robert Rudolph (Hoover)
  5. Jeffrey Mooney (Prattville)
  6. Michael Nitti (Huntsville)
  • HM: Robert Oliver (Mountain Brook)
  • HM: Ryan Donnelly (Smiths Station)
  • HM: Lyons Shaffer (Hewitt)

Summary: State Runners-up Barrett Blakely of Oak Mountain and Bowman Hill of Vestavia are significantly ahead of the rest of the weight class.  Both have competed against some of the best in the Southeast and each appears ready to take home a title in 2017.  Blakely assumes the top spot after beating Bowman 12-8 in a dual in mid-December.  Neither should be challenged by anyone else in the field and assuming no one drops down (or moves up) ... this looks like a battle between the two for the rest of the season.  Freidenreich, Rudolph, Mooney, and Nitti all appears fairly even and should battle it out for the #3 spot in the rankings.  Keep an eye on Oliver, Donnelly, and Shaffer ... each isn't far behind the 2nd pack and could challenge if given the opportunity.


  1. Randy Jenkins (Hoover)
  2. Robert Randolph (Mountain Brook)
  3. George Francovitch (Bob Jones)
  4. Braedon Keith (Hewitt)
  5. Jaquarius Milner (RE Lee)
  6. Jordan Thompson (Buckhorn)
  • HM: Jalen McWhite (Central-Phenix City)
  • HM: Justin Evans (Oak Mountain)
  • HM: James Gomer (Prattville)

Summary: Wide open weight class.  Jenkins headlines the weight class, but Randolph, Francovitch, and others will look to challenge.  Jenkins is 13-5 on the season, but the losses are to quality wrestlers (all from either Florida or Georgia).  Randolph and Francovitch each only have a single loss, but need some more quality wins on their resume if they are going to take the top spot from Jenkins.  Keith, Milner, and Thompson will look to push the top spot if given the opportunity.  Keep an eye on McWhite, Evans, and Gomer ... each are ready to challenge for a spot in the top 6.


  1. Brooks Schrimsher (Huntsville)
  2. Zack Noble (Prattville)
  3. Nicholas Biggs (Grissom)
  4. Rob Barrentine (Vestavia)
  5. Trey El (RE Lee)
  6. Nick Mothersele (Bob Jones)
  • HM: Jadarius Johnson (Central-Phenix City)
  • HM: Gibbs Sherrell (Fairhope)
  • HM: Will Pittman (Mountain Brook)

Summary: Defending State Champion Brooks Schrimsher of Huntsville is 13-0 and has yet to challenged this season.  Schrimsher is far and away the top wrestler at 182.  Noble had a nice 9-4 win over Barrentine at Heart of Dixie before falling to Enka's (NC) Tanner Revis in the finals.  Biggs is #3 ... he has a few losses, but to some very good wrestlers in Christian Salter and Thomas Bracket (both from Tennessee).  El and Mothersele round out the top 6.  Johnson, Sherrell, and Pittman sit just outside the top 6 and should push for a spot in the top 6 by the end of the season.


  1. Manny Allan (Spain Park)
  2. Jaeger Clark (Huntsville)
  3. Seth Bruder (James Clemens)
  4. Simon Miskelley (Hewitt)
  5. D'Angelo Dewitt (Hoover)
  6. Austin Phillips (Smiths Station)
  • HM: Harold Gilmore (Bob Jones)
  • HM: Joshua Little (Sparkman)
  • HM: D'Anthony McFarland (Tuscloosa County)

Summary: Allan knocked off both Gilmore and Clark over the last two weeks to improve his record to 28-0 on the season and vault to the top spot at 195.  Clark has losses to Allan and Carlos Miguel Figueroa of Homewood and slips to the #2 spot.  Bruder is 18-3 with 2 losses to out-of-state competition and one to Clark (8-5) early in the season.  Add in Dewitt, Phillips, and Miskelley and you have a stacked weight class where any number of wrestlers can take the top spot.  The difference between those ranked at the top and those listed as honorable mention is very small.  Don't be surprised if any of those mentioned above is on top of the podium at the end of the season.


  1. James Edwards (Vestavia)
  2. Deondrae Williams (Smiths Station)
  3. Braden Moore (Sparkman)
  4. Seth Dupree (Bob Jones)
  5. Le'Frederick Walker (RE Lee)
  6. Jack Detombe (Foley)
  • HM: Jaxon Bast (Spain Park)
  • HM: Hayden McDonald (Mountain Brook)
  • HM: Jack Smith (Fairhope)

Summary: Defending 220 lb. 7A State Champion James Edwards continues to roll on and assumes the top spot with a perfect 30-0 record.  Keep in mind that Edwards, along with his Vestavia teammates, have traveled far and wide and faced some quality competition ... Edwards 4-1 win over Nic Jarvis of Colquitt County (GA) at Border Wars and his 16-10 win over Dunham's Mason Rabel at the Trey Culotta Invitational demonstrate that he is the man to beat at 220 in 7A in 2017.  Deondrae Williams of Smiths Station has an impressive record, but has yet to face anyone in the top 6 except for Jack Detombe of Foley.  Branden Moore of Sparkman has some solid wins and a couple of puzzling losses ... but he should be one to watch as the season progresses.  Dupree, Walker, and Detombe round out the top 6 ... keep an eye on Bast, McDonald, and Smith - each has some impressive wins and could challenge as we near the end of the season.


  1. Jacob Edwards (Vestavia)
  2. Drimitri Anderson (Auburn)
  3. Zackary Cangelosi (Sparkman)
  4. Austin Carter (Hoover)
  5. Connor Knight (Prattville)
  6. Seth Whitlock (Thompson)
  • HM: Cameron Young (Spain Park)
  • HM: Michael Tomaso (Fairhope)
  • HM: Jacob Purcell (Smiths Station)

Summary: Vestavia's Jacob Edwards continues to hold the top spot at 285.  He has two losses on the season, both to very good wrestlers in Wakulla's Jacob Marin (FL) and Georgia State Champion Paul Robinson of Bremen.  He also has some solid wins, but has yet to face either Anderson or Cangelosi.  Auburn's Drimitri Anderson also has just two losses, but like Edwards hasn't wrestled many of the top 6.  His recent overtime loss to Tallassee's Jake Baker speaks volumes ... meaning he certainly has the skills to take the 285 top step.  Cangelosi went 2-2 at the McCallie Invitational in December (with a loss to heavyweight hammer River Henry) and was 3-1 at the Rocket City Invitational (losing to Kendall Farr of Westminster Christian).  He has wins over Whitlock, Farr, and Matt Burrow of James Clemens ... anxious to see him compete with Edwards, Anderson, Carter, and Knight.  Carter jumps into the rankings after a solid Heart of Dixie performance ... beating Connor Knight and losing on UTB to Edwards.  Knight, Whitlock, Young, Tomaso, and Purcell are all lurking and ready to move into the top 3 if given the opportunity.