Very simple. Pick the Champs, finalists, and All Americans to earn points. Bonus points for getting the AAs in the right spot on the podium. Double the bonus points for picking someone not ranked in the top 8 to finish as an All American.

  • All Americans: 10 pts each

  • Correct spot bonus points:

    • 1st: 20 pts (becomes 40 if you pick someone seeded 9-33 to take 1st)

    • 2nd: 15 pts (becomes 30 if you pick someone seeded 9-33 to take 2nd)

    • 3rd-5th: 10 pts each (becomes 20 if you pick someone seeded 9-33 to take 3rd - 5th)

    • 6th-8th: 5 pts each (becomes 10 if you pick someone seeded 9-33 to take 6rd - 8th)

For example: 125 (if the seeds hold true and you pick them exactly as they are (1st through 8th) you would get 160 pts

  • 30 for Rivera for 1st

  • 25 for Piccininni for 2nd

  • 20 for Lee for 3rd

  • 20 for Bresser for 4th

  • 20 for Mueller for 5th

  • 15 for Sean Russell for 6th

  • 15 for Glory for 7th and

  • 15 for Arujau for 8th

Deadline: Wednesday March 20th at 6 pm ET

Be sure to put in a username and your email so I can send you a 50 gift card to CMP clothing if you win (I will only post your username - won’t post your email). I’ll post everyone’s picks so each of us can follow along.


Overall Points (just usernames at the moment)

Individual Picks

Picks (not fancy like other places)

125 was updated because Ryan Millhof broke his hand during practice this week. He has been replaced by Trey Chalifoux … everyone bumped up a line. If you need to update your bracket please complete 125 again (just 125 - you don’t need to do any other weights) … be sure to include your username so I can update in the database.