December 20, 2017

Assumptions and Limitations ... we assume the results reported to us or into trackwrestling are accurate.  Obviously, there are teams and individuals that compete and we do not have their information ... this is a significant limitation to the rankings and should be considered. Just an note: wrestlers that compete against "higher level" competition get "weighted" more than those that do not.  Meaning - a wrestler goes unbeaten at 13-0, but has only wrestled the same 6 wrestlers in a small area of the state will get less consideration than a wrestler that is 8-5, but has 5 losses in top tournaments across the state or Southeast. Please remember that these are one person's opinion regarding the order of wrestlers at each weight class ...  

Also note that several placers and qualifiers from last year are missing from the rankings ... if a wrestler has not wrestled yet in 2016-2017, they have been left off the rankings. 

Alabama Team Ranking Metholdogy

Alabama Class 1A-5A Rankings

Traditional Team top 8 *UPDATED* 12.21.16 - based on an error in individual rankings.

  1. Arab 180
  2. Tallassee 121
  3. Weaver 115
  4. Alexandria 95
  5. Cleburne County 79
  6. Scottsboro 72
  7. Jemison 71
  8. Moody 69

Others of note: Ohatchee, Holtville, Hayden, Madison County, and Leeds.


  1. Joseph Martin (Arab)
  2. Jailen Young (Jemison)
  3. Jaden New (Alexandria)
  4. Jackson Elder (American Christian)
  5. Cody Souder (Weaver)
  6. Cory Land (Moody)
  7. Trinity Robertson (Susan Moore)
  8. Quinton Jeter (Tallassee)

Honorable Mention: Clinton Stewart (Scottsboro), Eli Sims (Leeds), Luke Richman (Westminster Christian), Braden Ray (Oak Grove), and Avery Anfield (Montevallo).


  1. Macon Edwards (Fulotndale)
  2. Reed Hill (Ohatchee)
  3. Dylan Turner (Cleburne County)
  4. Zack Haynes (Tallassee)
  5. Will Jeffcoat (Leeds)
  6. Shawn Winland (Oak Grove)
  7. Spencer Gordon (Holtville)
  8. Kaleb Matthews (Alexandria)

Honorable Mention: Dakota Collins and Caleb Whaley of Arab are knocking on the door and each could make a case for being in the top 8 (each of their losses have come to wrestlers outside Alabama), Parker Dodd (Moody), Jacob Richman (Westminster Christian), Christian Johnson (Deshler), and Bailey Henry (Ranburne).


  1. John McAlpin (Scottsboro)
  2. Will Patterson (Moody)
  3. Fletcher Swindall (Alexandria)
  4. Garrett McClendon (Arab)
  5. Landon Castleberry (Hayden)
  6. Kage Robertson (Susan Moore)
  7. Jonovan Miller (Tallassee)
  8. Jackson Howard (St James)

Honorable Mention: Moody's Stephen Williams is wrestling well, but sits behind Patterson (no two wrestlers from the same school will be ranked at the same weight), Carlos Chavez (Dora), Jeffery Purcell (Elmore County), Tristan Watson (Holtville), and Case Coker (Prattville Christian Academy).


  1. Nick Souder (Weaver)
  2. Michael Land (Moody)
  3. Brantley McHugh (Madison County)
  4. Zachary Clayton (Dora)
  5. Sebastian Berres (Jemison)
  6. Peyton Weber (Arab)
  7. Max Miller (St Clair County)
  8. Evan Vierra (New Hope)

Honorable Mention: Trace Wall (Elmore County), Sage Hughes (Leeds), Jacob Van Northington (Prattville Christian), Seth Ingram (Susan More), Chase Melton (Fultondale), and Crate Hulsey (Curry).


  1. Seth Hyatt (Arab)
  2. Jordan Price (Tallassee)
  3. Deshawn Skinner (Moody)
  4. Brady Rinehard (Walter Wellborn)
  5. Zeke Smotherman (Madison County)
  6. Christian Pettus (Weaver)
  7. Tanner Hallmark (Hayden)
  8. Chase Cunningham (Fultondale)

Honorable Mention: Devyn Gunter (Mortimer Jordan), Jackson Henry (Ohatchee), Trey Gaines (St James), Desmond Pearson (Jemison), as well as 8th grader Adam Foote of Madison County (probably gets ranked but with Smotherman already at #5 ... is only considered an HM).


  1. Zachary Van Alst (Montgomery Catholic)
  2. Chace Phillips (Hayden)
  3. Clay Jones (Arab)
  4. Gannon Womack (Alexandria)
  5. Zachary Williamson (Cleburne County)
  6. Tracy Strouse (Elmore County)
  7. Tommy Woodall (Sumiton Christian)
  8. Corbin Smith (Holtville)

Honorable Mention: Sam Sims (Leeds), Nathan Bahrik (Dora), Isiah Franklin (Jemison), Garrett Dorsett (Moody), and Mekhi Burdette (Madison County).


  1. Brady Richardson (Holtville)
  2. Chandler Teems (Leeds)
  3. Zach Cochran (Hayden)
  4. Jaquan Rhodes (Jemison)
  5. Aaron Whittaker (Alexandria)
  6. Drake Monroe (Weaver)
  7. Gavin Rogers (Mortimer Jordan)
  8. Dylan Vines (Oak Grove)

Honorable Mention: Bruin Hathcock (Tallassee), Matthew Lindsey (Walter Wellborn), Nevada Wages (Shelby County), Anthony Camp (Arab), RT Ford (Dadeville), Noah Wood (Elmore County), and Rashad Clark (Moody).


  1. Kolton Clark (Scottsboro)
  2. Tyler Mayfield (Cleburne County)
  3. Carial Tarter (Mortimer Jordan)
  4. Dawson Anderson (Leeds)
  5. Cody Gibson (Holtville)
  6. Rio Reyes (Tallassee)
  7. Triston Blair (Dora)
  8. Dalton Chandler (Sumiton Christian)

Honorable Mention: Nile Foss (East Limestone), Daniel Vazquez (Moody), and Cole McGough (Corner).


  1. Will Spencer (Arab)
  2. Shon'Derrious Spralling (Jemison)
  3. Channing Marmann (Deshler)
  4. Connor Calfee (Scottsboro)
  5. Peyton Johnson (Holtville)
  6. Spencer Jordan (Ranburne)
  7. Nicholas Brooks (East Limestone)
  8. Clayton Conner (Walter Wellborn)

Honorable Mention: Rodney Reddick (Saks) and Brandon Franklin (Leeds).


  1. Ethan Pippin (Westminster Christian)
  2. Kyle Clapper (Weaver)
  3. Kiwanis Woods (Tallassee)
  4. Hayden Pitts (Ohatchee)
  5. T Diebel (St James)
  6. Jordan Tyree (Dora)
  7. Devionte Garrett (Saks)
  8. Damian Ramirez (Scottsboro)

Honorable Mention:  Maji Billingsley (Scottsboro), Dalton Satterfield (Arab), Jason Higgins (Cleburne County), Samuel Bramlett (Madison County), Cody Conner (St Clair County) and Alex Daar (Tallassee).


  1. Christian Knop (Alexandria)
  2. Stephen White (Madison County)
  3. Jacob Humphries (Oak Grove)
  4. Monquavias Ricks (Deshler)
  5. Davion Watkins (Lee Huntsville)
  6. Peyton Mallenix (American Christian)
  7. Michael Weaver (Arab)
  8. Julian Calderon (Susan Moore)

Honorable Mention: Christian Seale (Cleburne County), Ryan Dozier (Leeds), Jacob Sulzby (Hayden), Hudson Deem (Tallassee) and Brady Price (Moody).


  1. Ian Scott (Arab)
  2. Andy Baker (Tallassee)
  3. Cade Smith (Cleburne County)
  4. Curtis Taylor (ASB)
  5. Slater Fuller (Deshler)
  6. Austin Snelling (Oak Grove)
  7. Anthony Cervantes (Susan Moore)
  8. Erik Gonzalez (Fultondale)

Honorable Mention: Kyle Hugley (Beauregard), Dylan Tuberville (Satsuma), Dawson Wells (Saks), and Robert Burchfield (Oak Grove)


  1. Caleb Montogmery (Ohatchee)
  2. Jack Tindall (Arab)
  3. Zachery Chandler (Walter Wellborn)
  4. Caleb Russell (Weaver)
  5. Denver Wages (Shelby County)
  6. Samuel Pate (Cleburne County)
  7. Clayton Crump (Oak Grove)
  8. Ariel Suarez (Montevallo)

Honorable Mention: Ariel Suarez (Montevallo), Kenneth Abernathy (Dadeville), Tryston Gentry (Beauregard), Luke Troyanek (Westminster Christian), and Dangelo Humphrey (Columbia)


  1. Jake Baker (Tallassee)
  2. Sean Caleb Allison (Weaver)
  3. Matt Jenkins (Dora)
  4. Kendall Farr (Westminster Christian)
  5. Skyler Mizzell (St Clair County)
  6. Jordan Brooks (Saks)
  7. Hunter Alexander (Arab)
  8. Wesley Harrell (Walter Wellborn)

Honorable Mention: Nathan Smith (Holtville), Michael Guionnaud (Elmore County), Geronimo Galvan (JB Pennington), Steven Porter (Moody), and Doug Mosley (Hayden).