December 20, 2017

Assumptions and Limitations ... we assume the results reported to us or into trackwrestling are accurate.  Obviously, there are teams and individuals that compete and we do not have their information ... this is a significant limitation to the rankings and should be considered. Just an note: wrestlers that compete against "higher level" competition get "weighted" more than those that do not.  Meaning - a wrestler goes unbeaten at 13-0, but has only wrestled the same 6 wrestlers in a small area of the state will get less consideration than a wrestler that is 8-5, but has 5 losses in top tournaments across the state or Southeast. Please remember that these are one person's opinion regarding the order of wrestlers at each weight class ...  

Also note that several placers and qualifiers from last year are missing from the rankings ... if a wrestler has not wrestled yet in 2016-2017, they have been left off the rankings. 

Alabama Team Ranking Metholdogy

Alabama Class 6A Rankings

Traditional Team top 8 *NEED TO BE UPDATED* 12.21.16 - based on an error in individual rankings.

  1. Pinson Valley 216
  2. Southside-Gadsden 139
  3. Oxford 107
  4. Gardendale 106
  5. Homewood 101
  6. McAdory 94
  7. Helena 81
  8. Athens 79

Others: Wetumpka, Clay-Chalkville, and Chelsea.


  1. Andrew Smith (Southside-Gadsden)
  2. Dylan Leseuer (Clay-Chalkville)
  3. George Vazquez (Pinson Valley)
  4. Michael Moran (Helena)
  5. Chase Hicks (Oxford)
  6. Hykeem McBride (Carver-Montgomery)

Honorable Mention: Mitch Pote or Gabriel Warren (Spanish Fort), Cote Blalock (Ft Payne), Jderemy Caradine (Gardendale), and David Callaghan (Gulf Shores)


  1. Brantley Ledbetter (Chelsea)
  2. Russ Boackle (Gardendale)
  3. Cameron Oglesby (Russell County)
  4. Nathan Hernandez (Clay-Chalkville)
  5. Mason Shell (Pell City)
  6. Dale Fields (Brookwood)

Honorable Mention Sawyer Bentley (Oxford), Jacob Dease or Dathan Finley (Southside-Gadsden), Connor Bailey (Wetumpka), and Liam McFarlane (Florence).


  1. Jacob Smith (Southside-Gadsden)
  2. Marshall Stone (Homewood)
  3. RJ Lawhorn (McAdory)
  4. Trent Young (Athens)
  5. Landon Burrage (Oxford)
  6. Quenmarius Byrd (Pinson Valley)

Honorable Mention: Michael McKinley (Baldwin County), Rolvin Bartolome (Ft Payne), Sebastian Oswalt (Gardendale), Ben Byerman (Chelsea), and Hunter Estis or Dylan Fuller (Muscle Shoals)


  1. Cole Blackwell (Wetumpka)
  2. Gage Hudson (Gulf Shores)
  3. Gavin Rigor (Chelsea)
  4. Dakota Roddick (Southside-Gadsden)
  5. Keagan Daniels (McAdory)
  6. Sebastian Burt (Ft Payne)

Honorable Mention: Kurt Bryant (Baldwin County), Miguel Sanchez (Walker), Randall Irvin (Homewood), Demaurea Freeman (McAdory), and Austin Sciara (Chelsea)


  1. Josh Walker (Pinson Valley)
  2. Colin Edwards (Southside-Gadsden)
  3. Alex Miller (Helena)
  4. Samuel Luke Blalock (Clay-Chalkville)
  5. Jared Beasley (Gardendale)
  6. Steven Bell (McAdory)

Honorable Mention: Wesley Slick (Oxford), Desmond Shuman (Opelika), Tanner Sheffield (Stanhope Elmore), Garrett Brasher (Gulf Shores), and Nolan Whiteis (Daphne).


  1. Cameron Hamby (Pinson Valley)
  2. Sam Colvin (Southside-Gadsden)
  3. Bailey Roan (Gulf Shores)
  4. Justin Ingram (Spanish Fort)
  5. Jake Vella (Homewood)
  6. Joe Harmon (Chelsea)

Honorable Mention: Saxon Coker (Benjamin Russell), Deandre Ward (Daphne), Joshua Gruhn (Helena), Jackson Stocks (Pell City), and Tory Birdsong (Opelika).


  1. Joseph Green (Muscle Shoals)
  2. Javonic Turner (Homewood)
  3. Christian Hopkins (Pinson Valley)
  4. Desmond Dempsey (Austin)
  5. Logan Farmer (Athens)
  6. Michael Parker (Benjamin Russell)

Honorable Mention: John Paul Uter (Gulf Shores), Nolan Powers (Spanish Fort), Ian Singer (Park Crossing), Carson Lindsey (Oxford), Juan Francisco (Ft Payne), and Justuce Venn (Southside-Gadsden).


  1. Landon Thompson (Southside-Gadsden)
  2. William Cummings (Helena)
  3. Tracy Reed (Pinson Valley)
  4. Spencer Bray (Hartselle)
  5. Gryce McDaniel (Oxford)
  6. Andrew Queen (Benjamin Russell)

Honorable Mention: Ryan Tibaldo (Athens), William West (Gulf Shores), Clint Glaze (Chelsea), and Travarion Mason (Daphne).


  1. Matt King (Oxford)
  2. Trevor Muncey (Gardendale)
  3. Devin Hackworth (McAdory)
  4. Tobias Garrison (Stanhope Elmore)
  5. Zaquarius Harris (Columbia)
  6. Eric Rogers (Pinson Valley)

Honorable Mention: Sam Ingram (Chelsea), Brandon Lowry (Sidney Lanier), Jackson Johnson (Center Point), Terrance Scott (Daphne), Kris Wilkins or Roy Streiff (Homewood), and Tucker Knight (Helena).


  1. Khymel Chaverst (Pinson Valley)
  2. Nathan Dunaway (Helena)
  3. Ladontay Garrison (Sidney Lanier)
  4. Jabari Blackmon (Homewood)
  5. Damyan Melton (Minor)
  6. Isaiah McDougal (Columbia)

Honorable Mention: Jordan Pendley (Brookwood), Braxton Griffin (McAdory), William Adema (Chelsea), Devaria Washington (Center Point), Jacob Hollingsworth (Southside-Gadsden), Demarcus Burris (Clay-Chalkville), and Riley Kuhn (Ft Payne).


  1. Thomas Carter (Athens)
  2. Trey Lewis (Gardendale)
  3. Tyler Johnson (Pinson Valley)
  4. Johon Peavey (Oxford)
  5. Alex Montgomery (Pelham)
  6. Trent Barrett (Wetumpka)

Honorable Mention: David Franks (Clay-Chalkville), Justin Lewis (Carver-Montgomery), and Bryce Fuhrmann (Gulf Shores).


  1. Carlos Miguel Figueroa (Homewood)
  2. Thad Jackson Prater (Athens)
  3. David Pike (Pinson Valley)
  4. Braiden Williams (Baldwin County)
  5. Turner O'Brian Black (McAdory)
  6. Elsylvesticondre Provo (Carver-Montgomery)

Honorable Mention: Jamie Whitehead (Benjamin Russell), Anthony Talton (Clay-Chalkville), and Daniel Bolio (Hartselle).


  1. Andrew Freeman (Gardendale)
  2. Jackson Jones (Clay-Chalkville)
  3. Reynard Ellis (Shades Valley)
  4. David Hunter (McAdory)
  5. John Ellis Rawls (Wetumpka)
  6. Jamel Jones (Columbia)

Honorable Mention: Zeke Lawrence (Pinson Valley), Carlos Jesus Figueroa (Homewood), Daiquion Thedford (Brookwood), Unterrius Russell (Center Point), Dremere Woods (Paul Bryant), and Zachary Hansen (Daphne).


  1. Trent Holley (Wetumpka)
  2. Clay Webb (Oxford)
  3. Taylor Rhodes (Pinson Valley)
  4. Jacquez Dixon (Park Crossing)
  5. Hayden Williams (Stanhope Elmore)
  6. Brock Barrontine (Ft Payne)

Honorable Mention: Connor Bensko (Gardendale), Nasir Hilaire (Minor), Ethan Sherman (Homewood), Malachi Cook (McAdory), and Seth Kent (Pell City).