Super 32 - October 12-13 in Greensboro, NC

The Super 32 is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019 and they decided to invite a ton of hammers to the party. The Fan’s Guides you will find below are designed to give the average reader a glimpse into who will be on the mats this weekend. Because of the size of the Super 32 I have created two graphics for each weight class … one that provides the Fan with an idea of the nationally ranked wrestlers in each weight and a second focused on the SE wrestlers with the best shot at knocking off some of those ranked wrestlers and brining the belt back to a SE state.

NOTE: The rankings listed are from the October 1 release … Willie at FLO updated the rankings after this past weekend - so they may not match the ones I have listed.

UPDATE: Will post the results and a brief write-up this week … have tons of pics on a google drive. Please note that the pics haven’t been cleaned yet - and some might be blurry, etc. Also you are welcome to the pics but if you are media and use them please attribute SEWrestle to the picture and to everyone … please use the pics appropriately.

Registration by the #’s

S32 by State 2019.jpg

# of State Champs registered by state

S32 Champs by State 2019.jpg


S32 106.jpg
S32 106 SE.jpg


S32 113.jpg
S32 113 SE.jpg


S32 120.jpg
S32 120 SE.jpg


S32 126.jpg
S32 126 SE.jpg


S32 132.jpg
S32 132 SE.jpg


S32 138.jpg
S32 138 SE.jpg


S32 145.jpg
S32 145 SE.jpg


S32 152.jpg
S32 152 SE.jpg


S32 160.jpg
S32 160 SE .jpg


S32 170.jpg
S32 170 SE.jpg


S32 182.jpg
S32 182 SE.jpg


S32 195.jpg
S32 195 SE.jpg


S32 220.jpg
S32 220 SE.jpg


S32 285.jpg
S32 285 SE.jpg

Grappler Fall Classic - October 5 in East Lansing, MI

Below is our Fan’s Guide for the Grappler Fall Classic being held this weekend in East Lansing, MI. Remember the Fan’s Guide is simply a snapshot of those wrestlers currently registered to compete … it is a glimpse into some of their accolades - so if you are watching online or following any of the action you have a good idea of who is wrestling. It is not a prediction … mostly because we only know the Southeast wrestlers (obviously if you follow high school wrestling in Fargo, NHSCA, Flo, etc. some other names pop up, but a state placer from Wisconsin isn’t necessarily on our radar).

All of that to say … the Grappler Fall Classic is one of the best pre-season tournaments in the country. Not many SE wrestlers head to Michigan this week, but Florida has quite the contingent (and Tennessee has a few of their hammers ready to roll). Many Georgia and North Carolina hammers went to upstate New York this past weekend for the Journeymen Fall Classic … another top tournament. I assume the best will all be in Greensboro, NC the weekend of October 12th for the Super 32.

Anyway enjoy the Fan’s Guides and check back here for results after this weekend. I’m quite certain someone not listed will make the finals and “surprise” many.

GFC 98.jpg
GFC 105.jpg
GFC 112.jpg
GFC 119.jpg
GFC 125.jpg
GFC 130.jpg
GFC 135.jpg
GFC 140.jpg
GFC 145.jpg
GFC 152.jpg
GFC 160.jpg
GFC 170.jpg
GFC 189.jpg
GFC 215.jpg
GFC 285.jpg

Journeymen Fall Classic - September 28-29 in Schenectady, NY

Great day of wrestling in upstate NY. Southeast wrestlers came in and did well against many of the best in the NE (as well as from around the country). What you will see below … first you will see a graphic of a “Fan’s Guide for each weight - that was based on registration for the event and was posted the week leading up to the Journeyman Fall Classic.

After each graphic you will see a rundown of the weight class and then a focus on the SE wrestlers and how they did. If you are interested in seeing each of the bouts, scores, brackets, etc. you can find that information for “Pool A” in FloArena or for all Pools at

Jmen Hammer 99.jpg


1st - Anthony Knox (NJ) dec. Alessandro Nini (NJ), 5-2

3rd - Ethan Rivera (Lake Highland Prep - FL) dec. Jacob Joyce (RI)

Rivera won Pool C with a dominating 8-0 decision over Tyler Chappell (PA) and a 19-4 tech fall over Major Lewis. Rivera then lost by fall to eventual Champ Anthony Knox in the semifinals. Rivera was the only SE wrestler in the 99# bracket.

Jmen Hammer 106.jpg


1st - Tyler Vazquez (NJ) def. Austin Hibler, 1-0

3rd - Aidan Wallace dec. Nick Corday (Baylor - TN), 2-0

Nick Corday, a 2019 GA State Champ that is now at Baylor in Tennessee, won Pool B to make the top 4 - that is despite having a loss in his opening match. Corday lost to Mikey Longo (CT) 5-3, but rebounded with a 2-0 decision over Brandon Cannon (PA) and a fall over Clayton Utter. Longo lost to both Utter and Cannon and given his wins over both booked his place into the top 4.

NC’s Dustin Cook was also in the “Main Event” pool at 106 - in Pool C with eventual Champ Tyler Vazquez (who Cook lost to 9-0 in his opening match). Cook lost to both Joseph Fernau and Conor Collins to put him into the 13th-16th place pool. Cook lost by fall to Hayden Cunningham and by major decision to Jaden Pepe to finish 16th. Tough day for Dustin in a very tough bracket.

FL’s Eligh Rivera of Lake Highland Prep was also in the “Main Event” pool at 106 - Pool D with eventual 3rd place finisher Aidan Wallace. Rivera dropped his opening match to Wallace 4-3 and his 2nd match by fall to Gabe Giampetro of Delaware before downing Hayden Cunningham 2-1 to finish 3rd in Pool D. Rivera won his next two matches over Conor Collins and Brandon Cannon to finish 9th. Rivera finished the day 3-2.

Jmen Hammer 113.jpg


1st - Braxton Brown (TX) dec. Joseph Cangro, 4-0

3rd - David McClelland (Lake Highland Prep - FL) default over Jack Maida

McClelland might have the “upset” of the tournament when he downed FloWrestling #21 Freshman Maxximus Martinez 7-6 in the 2nd round. McClelland also beat Jace Schafer (in Round 1) before losing to Eric Alderfer 2-1 in the final match in Pool A. Given “quality wins” as the criteria - McClelland advanced to the top 4 bracket (finishing 1-1 and taking 3rd … 3-2 on the day).

NC’s Richard Treanor had a very good tournament as well. Treanor went 2-1 in Pool B with his only loss coming to eventual runner-up Joseph Cangro 6-4. Wins over Nick Gonzalez (8-5) and Justin Morales (8-0) pt him into the 5th-8th place bracket. Treanor then dropped a tough 3-0 decision to Maxximus Martinez before downing Mason Barrett (5-4) and finishing 7th. Treanor also finished 3-2 on the day with both losses coming to top competition.

FL’s Jason Shaw was the final SE competitor in the “A” or “Main Event” pool. Shaw lost 10-0 to eventual Champ Braxton Brown to start action in Pool D, but also fell 6-1 to Alec Hunter and 6-2 to Mason Barrett to finish 4th in the Pool and drop into the 13th-16th place pool. Shaw bounced back nicely with a fall in the semi’s over Trent Thompson before getting a default to finish 13th and 2-3 on the day.

The SE also had a wrestler competing in the “B” - Andrew Desola of Florida. Desola finished 0-4 and 9th overall.

Jmen Hammer 120.jpg


1st - Dean Peterson (NJ) dec. Anthony Noto (NY), 9-1

3rd - Nick Kayal won by default over Nick Fea

Lake Highland Prep’s (FL) Danny Nini was the highest SE placer in the 120# “Main Event”. Nini went 2-1 in Pool B, losing 3-0 to eventual 3rd place finisher Nick Kayal. He downed Fargo All American Bryce Cockrell (OK) 3-1 and Super 32 Placer Dylan Chappell (PA) 4-3 to advance to the 5th-8th place bracket. Nini dropped his first match in the bracket 9-2 to Meyer Shapiro, but downed Levi Haines of PA 4-3 to finish 7th.

GA’s Joey Felix and FL’s Aiden Gasper competed in the “B” Pool. Felix went 3-2 with some very good wins over some tough competition. He beat PA State Qualifier Cole Bayless 9-3 to finish 7th. Gasper finished the day 0-4 with some tough losses.

Jmen Hammer 125.jpg


1st - Dylan Ragustin pinned Nic Bouzakis (PA), 4:33

3rd - Nicco Ruiz won by forfeit over Jordan Titus

Former Florida hammer and current Wyoming Seminary product Nic Bouzakis ran through the field, but got taken down and turned in the 3rd before Ragustin was able to get the fall. Bouzakis was up 10-0 at the time and had dominated the first two periods. Credit to Ragustin for fighting through the first two periods and making the most of his opportunity when it presented itself. Bouzakis made quick work of Sean Hall (VA), Matt Vulkah, Emory Taylor (TN), and Jordan Titus before falling to Ragustin.

TN’s Emory Taylor had two tough 3-0 losses in Pool A (to Vulkah and Hall) before losing by fall to Bouzakis. Finishing 4th in Pool A put Emory in the 13th-16th place bracket. Taylor received a forfeit over Sean Rendeiro before falling to Ivan Garcia 12-1 and taking 14th place. Don’t be fooled … 125 was an absolute meat grinder.

The SE had AL’s James Latona in the “B” Pool and NC’s Ahmad Smith and Richie Rizzuto as well as FL’s Kamdon Harrison in the “C” Pool. Latona showed that he may have deserved to be in the “A” pool after going 4-0 on the day. He beat Thomas O’Keefe 1-0 and Tyler Johnson 7-2 to win his pool and then beat Matthew Morris 5-0 to put himself in the finals opposite PA’s Jude Swisher. Latona beat Swisher 1-0 to take the “B” pool title. Ahmad Smith looked super sharp in the “C” pool … finishing unbeaten on the day. Smith downed Brandon Bowles 8-2, fellow NC Richie Rizzuto 12-4 and Luke Robie (VA) 6-2. It would’ve been interesting to see Smith in the “B” pool with Swisher and Latona. Rizzuto finished 3rd and Harrison was 5th in the “C” pool.

Jmen Hammer 130.jpg


1st - Patrick Noonan (PA) dec. Timothy Levine (CA), 12-2

3rd - Matt Sarbo (PA) dec. Maximilian Leete, 11-1

The 2 SE reps in the “Main Event” were both placed in the same pool … GA’s Julian Farber and NC’s Jaxon Maroney were in Pool C with eventually Champ Patrick Noonan of PA. Farber went 2-1 with his only loss coming 4-0 to Noonan and Maroney went 1-2 with losses to Noonan (11-5) and Farber (4-0). Both beat Christopher Gomez (RI).

With his 2nd place finish in Pool C, Farber advanced to the 5th-8th place bracket. He downed McKenzie Bell 7-2 before falling to Joel Vandervere 7-2 and finished 6th. Maroney took 3rd in Pool C and was put in the 9th-12th place bracket. Maroney beat Luke Smith 6-0 and George Oroudjov 4-0 to finish 9th. Pool C was extremely tough … Noonan was 1st in the pool and 1st overall, Farber was 2nd in the pool and finished 2nd in his subsequent bracket, and Maroney was 3rd in the pool and took 1st in his bracket.

Florida’s Colby Uderitz went 3-0 to take the “B” pool title. Uderitz had nice wins over Logan Swaw, Larry Melchionda, and Damon McGee.

Jmen Hammer 135.jpg


1st - Frankie Tal-Shahar (American Heritage Delray - FL) dec. Kaden Cassidy, 8-7

3rd - Gavin Damasco (NY) dec. Chris Perry, 5-2

Florida’s Frankie Tal-Shahar downed Anthony White 3-2 and Will Ebert 11-2 to advance to the final 4 in the “Main Event” at 135. Tal-Shahar then beat Chris Perry 3-1 before downing Kaden Cassidy to take the hammer. Alabama’s Jacob Dease was also in the “Main Event” group in Pool B. Dease lost to Cassidy by tech fall and to Patrick Edmondson (PA) 4-1. Dease dropped to the 9th-12th place bracket where he lost to Hunter Mays 10-0 and Will Ebert by technical fall. Dease finished 12th in the main event.

The “B” group featured very tough Myles Griffin of Lake Highland Prep (FL). Griffin had 2 falls and a 6-2 win to advance to the “B” group finals. Griffin fell to Evan Gleason 8-3 in overtime to take 2nd.

Jmen Hammer 140.jpg


1st - Lachlan McNeil dec. Justin Rivera (Lake Highland Prep - FL), 4-3

3rd - Drew Eller (Evans - GA) major dec. Justin Mastroianni, 10-0

Justin Rivera easily won Pool D - downing Al De Santis 14-4 and Dalton Gimbor 13-4. Eller had a bit more of a test on Pool B - but emerged 3-0 (beating KJ Sherman 6-1; Logan Sciotto 11-2; and Will Grater by fall) and both were placed in the 1st - 4th place bracket.

Eller fell to Canadian Cadet World Team Member Lachlan McNeil 7-0 in one semi and Rivera outlasted Justin Mastrianni 3-2 in the other semi.

Jmen Hammer 145.jpg


1st - Ed Scott (PA) dec. Francis Morrissey (Veterans - GA), 5-2

3rd - Austin Boone (MI) dec. Willie McDougald (NY), 5-3

Two GA hammers ventured to upstate New York and find themselves against each other in the 1st round … that is what happened with Woodward Academy’s Matt Singleton and Veteran’s Francis Morrissey. For those of us that have watched these two hammers compete compete in the SE - it was great to see the two go head-to-head … my preference would’ve been later in the tournament, but you don’t always get what you ask for.

Morrissey downed Singleton with a fall in overtime (personally I don’t remember watching that … I thought Morrissey just won, but I watched a lot of wrestling yesterday - but that is what is listed on Flo so we will go with it). Morrissey then beat Kaya Sement 4-0 and Helena’s (AL) Will Miller 5-1 to advance to the 1st - 4th place bracket. Singleton beat Miller (14-2), but lost to Sement 7-3 and dropped into the 9th-12th place bracket and Miller went 0-3 in the pool and dropped to the 13th-16th place bracket.

Singleton rebounded with a nice 9-4 win over Luca Errico to advance to the 9th-10th place match, but dropped a tough one Cade Balestrini 3-1 to finish 10th (and 2-3 on the day). Miller received a forfeit to advance to the 13th-14th place match where he lost 7-4 to Cooper Pontelandolfo.

The SE wasn’t finish in the “Main Event” pool as NC’s Dallas Wilson and FL’s Noah Castillo also battled for the hammer. Wilson was in Pool A with eventual Champ Ed Scott (who he lost to by fall in the 2nd period). Wilson split his other two matches - beating Ryan Burgos 8-3 and losing to Avery Bassett 6-3. Finishing 1-2 put Wilson in the 9th-12th place bracket. He lost two tough decisions (5-4 to Cade Balestrini and 6-4 to Luca Errico) to finish the day in 12th.

Castillo found himself in the ultra competitive Pool B … where 5 of the 6 matches were decided by just a point and Castillo was in 3 of those 5 matches. Castillo lost to eventual 4th place finisher McDougald 4-3 to start the day, but bounced back to get 1-0 win over Cooper Pontelandolfo and a 2-1 over Cade Balestrini). Castillo then went on to win his next two matches and placed 5th (and was 4-1 on the day). Castillo downed Avery Bassett 8-3 and Kaya Sement 3-1.

NC State Placer Kai Paxton found himself in Pool “B” - in what may have been the deepest weight class of the tournament … FloWrestling highlighted 152, but 145 was ultra-competitive and very deep with full pools for both “B” and “C”. Paxton dropped his first 3 matches of the tournament, but rebounded with a nice 2-1 win over Cody Walsh of Camden Catholic. There is no score reported for Paxton’s 7th place match so we don’t know how he finished the day.

Jmen Hammer 152.jpg


1st - Peyton Hall (WV) dec. Anthony Tamburrino, 3-1

3rd - AJ Kovacs (CT) dec. Cooper Kropman, 5-2

The SE had one wrestler in the “Main Event” bracket - NC’s Donald Cates. Cates gave eventual Champ Peyton Hall everything he wanted in the first match in pool action, but lost 3-1 on a takedown in overtime. Cates rebounded with a 13-4 win over Steven Rochard to advance to the 5th-8th place bracket. Cates then won both matches easily to take 5th … downing NY Placer Joseph McGinty 15-2 and PA State Champ Matt Lee 7-1. Seems unlucky that Cates drew Hall in his pool … would’ve loved to see him against Kovacs, Tamburrino or Kropman.

GA’s Jackson Eller wrestled in the “B” Pool and wrestled very well … winning by tech fall over Alexander Guiliani 16-0 and downing Dominick Deintinis 6-2 before losing to Gene Quidola by default. Eller then forfeited out of the tournament … don’t know what happened and hopefully it isn’t anything serious.

Jmen Hammer 160.jpg


1st - Cael Valencia (CA) dec. Thayne Lawrence (PA), 7-2

3rd - Mac Stout (PA) won by fall over Brevin Cassella

The SE had several wrestlers at 160, but just Lake Highland Prep’s Dominic Isola was put into the “Main Event” bracket. Isola drew PA’s Thayne Lawrence first in Pool D and dropped a 10-0 decision. He bounced back with a 9-5 decision over Joe Roberts before dropping a close 8-6 decision to NY State Placer Jake Null to finish the pool wrestling. Being 1-2, Isola was placed in the 9th-12th place bracket … Isola downed Fargo AA Jared Simma of Kansas 7-3 and Tyler Albis 14-4 to finish the day in 9th and with a 3-2 record.

Four Floridians competed in the “B” pool. Riley Hackworth was 1-1 in Pool A, Bailey Flanagan was 2-1 in Pool B, Ryan Cody was 1-2 in Pool C, and Darian Estevez was 2-1 in Pool C (Estevez pinned Cody in Rd 3 of pool C action). Hackworth beat Flanagan 4-1 in the semi’s, but lost to Estevez 3-2 for 5th place. Estevez finished the day 4-1 with his only loss coming to Connor Strong 10-1 (Strong ended up winning the entire “B” pool). Flanagan rebounded from his loss to Hackworth to Aidan Faria 5-2 and finished 7th (Hackworth was 6th after beating Flanagan and losing to Estevez). After his loss by fall to Estevez, Cody forfeited out of the tournament.

Jmen Hammer 170.jpg


1st - Brock Delsignore (NY) dec. Graham Calhoun, 4-2

3rd - Shane Reitsma (NJ) won by fall over Dante Stefanelli

NC’s Landon Foor and FL’s Shane Cannon were the only two SE wrestler in the “Main Event”. Foor went 2-1 in Pool C and booked his ticket to the 5th-8th place bracket. Foor downed PA’s Nicholas Delp 9-6 and VA’s Loudon Hurt 17-6, but lost 9-5 decision to eventual champ Brock Delsignore. Foor then downed IL State Champ Andrew Wenzel 5-2 before falling to NJ’s Brian Soldano. Foor finished 3-2 on the day and in 6th.

Cannon was in Pool A … losing 11-1 eventual 3rd place finisher Shane Reitsma and dropping a tough 3-1 decision to Kieran Calvetti. After the Reitsma match - Cannon forfeited his next 3 matches and finished 16th.

FL’s Logan Perkins and Easton Tobia each wrestled the day in the “B” pool. Perkins finished 3rd with a 2-1 record … with his only loss (a 3-0 decision) coming to the eventual “B” pool Champ in Matthew Campo. Perkins had wins over Patrick Ross (NY) 8-0 and Peter Meshkov 4-2. Tobia caught the unfortunate “criteria” for advancing out of his pool … he went 2-1 with a 2-0 win over Nick Golden (who finished 2nd overall). Golden, Meshkov, and Tobia each finished 2-1 with losses to one of the others (Tobia lost 2-0 to Meshkov). As a result Golden got the top spot because of “Margin of Victory” and Meshkov was 2nd because he won head-to-head with Tobia. Tobia downed Patrick Ross 6-2 and finished 5th (was 3-1 on the day).

Jmen Hammer 182.jpg


1st - Luke Stout (PA) dec. Luke Rada, 14-5

3rd - JT Davis (DE) dec. Ethan Cooper (NY), 7-0

Florida’s Mikey Tal-Shahar was a “no-show” (remember the Fan’s Guides are done a week before the actual event so for some reason Tal-Shahar was registered and then didn’t make the trip … it happens at every weight class - just as there are wrestlers that register late and don’t make the Fan’s Guides). FL’s Hunter Brinkman was the lone SE rep at 182. Brinkman dropped his match to Nathan Warden 8-4 and then a 10-1 major decision to eventual runner-up Luke Rada in Pool C. Brinkman then received a forfeit over Shane Quick to finish 1-2 and was put in the 9th-12th place bracket. Brinkman won a tough 1-0 decision over Harrison Shapiro before dropping his 9th/10th place match to IN’s Mason Winner 3-1.

Jmen Hammer 195.jpg


1st - Nick Stemmet won by fall over Mike Misita (NJ)

3rd - Martin Cosgrove dec. Kyle Epperly (NJ) 5-4

NC’s Holden Cypher was the lone rep from the SE at 195. Cypher wrestled in Pool C with Carson Licastri (CT), eventual runner-up Mike Misita (NJ), and Nathan Wemstrom. Cypher lost by fall to both Licastri and Misita before bouncing back and beating Wemstrom by fall. With a 1-2 record, Cypher was put in the 9th-12th place bracket. Cypher put up a pair of 6-0 decision wins to finish 9th overall.

Jmen Hammer 225.jpg


1st - John Meyers won by fall over Cam Bailey (RI)

3rd - Max Acciardi dec. Zach Figart (VA), 15-3

No SE wrestlers competed in the weight.

Jmen Hammer 285.jpg


1st - Nick Sannino dec. Antonio Ramos (MA), 5-2

3rd - Jalen Stephens (PA) dec. Adolfo Betancur (RI), 5-0