Grappler Fall Classic - October 5 in East Lansing, MI

Below is our Fan’s Guide for the Grappler Fall Classic being held this weekend in East Lansing, MI. Remember the Fan’s Guide is simply a snapshot of those wrestlers currently registered to compete … it is a glimpse into some of their accolades - so if you are watching online or following any of the action you have a good idea of who is wrestling. It is not a prediction … mostly because we only know the Southeast wrestlers (obviously if you follow high school wrestling in Fargo, NHSCA, Flo, etc. some other names pop up, but a state placer from Wisconsin isn’t necessarily on our radar).

All of that to say … the Grappler Fall Classic is one of the best pre-season tournaments in the country. Not many SE wrestlers head to Michigan this week, but Florida has quite the contingent (and Tennessee has a few of their hammers ready to roll). Many Georgia and North Carolina hammers went to upstate New York this past weekend for the Journeymen Fall Classic … another top tournament. I assume the best will all be in Greensboro, NC the weekend of October 12th for the Super 32.

Anyway enjoy the Fan’s Guides and check back here for results after this weekend. I’m quite certain someone not listed will make the finals and “surprise” many.

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GFC 105.jpg
GFC 112.jpg
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