Super 32 - October 12-13 in Greensboro, NC

The Super 32 is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019 and they decided to invite a ton of hammers to the party. The Fan’s Guides you will find below are designed to give the average reader a glimpse into who will be on the mats this weekend. Because of the size of the Super 32 I have created two graphics for each weight class … one that provides the Fan with an idea of the nationally ranked wrestlers in each weight and a second focused on the SE wrestlers with the best shot at knocking off some of those ranked wrestlers and brining the belt back to a SE state.

NOTE: The rankings listed are from the October 1 release … Willie at FLO updated the rankings after this past weekend - so they may not match the ones I have listed.

UPDATE: Will post the results and a brief write-up this week … have tons of pics on a google drive. Please note that the pics haven’t been cleaned yet - and some might be blurry, etc. Also you are welcome to the pics but if you are media and use them please attribute SEWrestle to the picture and to everyone … please use the pics appropriately.

Registration by the #’s

S32 by State 2019.jpg

# of State Champs registered by state

S32 Champs by State 2019.jpg


S32 106.jpg
S32 106 SE.jpg


S32 113.jpg
S32 113 SE.jpg


S32 120.jpg
S32 120 SE.jpg


S32 126.jpg
S32 126 SE.jpg


S32 132.jpg
S32 132 SE.jpg


S32 138.jpg
S32 138 SE.jpg


S32 145.jpg
S32 145 SE.jpg


S32 152.jpg
S32 152 SE.jpg


S32 160.jpg
S32 160 SE .jpg


S32 170.jpg
S32 170 SE.jpg


S32 182.jpg
S32 182 SE.jpg


S32 195.jpg
S32 195 SE.jpg


S32 220.jpg
S32 220 SE.jpg


S32 285.jpg
S32 285 SE.jpg